What is the photo print size? 48 x 38 cm.

How will the delivery work? The image will be sent to the address indicated at the time of completion of your transaction, packed in cardboard tube and delivered via Correios, or DHL for international shipments.

What is the delivery time for the prints? The beginning of printing and deliveries will respect the health recommendations and circulation restrictions. We hope to start as soon as possible. However, please consider some delay.

How will the money raised be used? The money collected will be used for the purchase of food, hygiene and cleaning items, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks and alcohol gel) and other emergency needs brought by the communities, in addition to the logistical costs to deliver the donations. Part of this amount will be used to cover the costs of printing the images and administrative fees for payment transactions.

How will the donations be delivered? A team will separate and sanitize all the items that will be delivered to the communities. A boat will be sent to the 4 communities, and the delivery team will leave the baskets in isolated areas of the villages, near the river.

How will the usage of funds be discolsed? The fund usage will be sent via e-mail to all donors when the action is finalized. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the costs of the action and how much will be passed on to the communities? For donations of R$ 250 with print as a reward:
- Print cost: 30%
- PayPal and payment integration platform: 6 to 9%
- Transfers to the Collaborative Base for help in NGO operation and support to other projects: 3 to 5%
- Transfers to communities: 56%

For donations without print as a reward:
- PayPal and payment integration platform: 5%
- Transfers to the Collaborative Base: 3%
- Transfers to communities: 92%

What is the Collaborative Base? Base Colaborativa is a non-profit association that connects people, organizations and society in innovation and social impact projects. It is our partner in this action, including coordinating financial transfers. Learn more about their work through the website or Instagram.

Can I make corporate donations? Yes. If you would like to make a corporate donation, please contact us to coordinate the donation and the sending of the Donation Receipt.
Companies in Brazilian Lucro Real tax regime can deduct up to 2% of the Income Tax due on donations by just presenting the Donation Receipt signed by non-profit institutions (in this case, the Base Colaborativa).