Frente de Ajuda Aldeia Cipiá is an initiative to collect donations for the Cipiá indigenous community located in the Amazon along the Rio Negro, 30km from Manaus, accessible only by boat, and which lives exclusively from tourism and the sale of handicrafts. With the pandemic, its economic activities were interrupted and now it lacks basic items. Nearby communities are also impacted and our help will reach them as well.

It is possible to donate amounts from R$ 5 and for donations of R$ 250, you receive 1 printed photograph of your choice as a reward. All the images were made in the Amazon and given by the photographers Alexandre Furcolin, Gleeson Paulino, Hick Duarte and Josefina Bietti for this action. The funds raised, discounted from administrative payment fees (such as PayPal/Stripe) and printing costs will be used to purchase items needed by the communities.

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We thank you for your support,
Ana, Fefa, Gleeson, Pablo and Tomás


There are many challenges that native people face since the colonization of Brazil. The struggle to defend their roots, territories and lives is now worsened by the pandemic, which increases the various vulnerabilities faced by indigenous peoples.

Particular conditions affect these populations, such as the difficulty of accessing health services, geographical distance, and historical vulnerability to diseases and epidemics brought to their territories. Cultural aspects such as shared cottages make them even more vulnerable to the virus.

Indigenous peoples need our help.

Manaus was hit hard by the pandemic and already shows signs of collapse.
A few weeks ago, access to communities living on the banks of the Rio Negro was limited in an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Aldeia Cipiá is located on the left bank of Manaus, in the community of Tatulândia, one hour by boat, and gathers 5 different ethnic groups: Desana, Kubeo, Tukano, Tuyuka, and Barasana. There are 50 people, divided among 15 families, who live exclusively from tourism and the sale of handicrafts. Without the income of the community, basic items are already starting to be lacking.

With the help of Thoalamu (tribe chief and healer) from Cipiá Village, we mapped 3 other neighboring communities, Tatuyo, Tuyuka and Desana, where around 120 people live among 30 families.

The donations collected will be destined to the purchase of food, hygiene and cleaning items, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks and alcohol gel) and other emergency needs brought by the communities.


For every R$250 donated (~$42.50), you receive 1 printed photo of your choice as a reward.

The images are not signed and there is no limit to copies.

The copies will be printed by Kelly Polato Studio on Matte Fibre paper with the dimensions of 48 x 38 cm. It is important to point out that they do not accompany frame.

The freight is charged separately and will be shipped in cardboard tube. It is possible to send up to 2 images in each tube so as not to compromise the quality of the printed photograph. Delivered by Correios in Brazil and DHL for international shipments.

Printing and postage services will be initiated as soon as possible, depending on health recommendations and traffic restrictions. We count on your patience. Keep an eye on your email and we will send you updates at all times.